At time of booking we charge 50% of your total tour ticket price as a NON- REFUNDABLE deposit.  The remaining balance can be paid on day of arrival by cash or separate cards. We require any changes or cancellations to your Discovery Tour be made at least 24 hrs before your scheduled trip. This is due to our very limited seating and preparation needed to operate. Other than that, there are NO EXCEPTIONS and full price is charged. No exceptions include a sudden illness, showing up in the wrong location, being late, or someone in your party being a no-show. If you have to cancel and give us more than 24 hrs. notice the deposit can be transferred to another time and day or can be used as a store credit for a future tour date.

We operate our tours from mid-April to mid-September, rain, shine, or smoke! We will only cancel or reschedule your tour (even last minute) if we decide your safety could be compromised for ANY reason, which may include severe thunderstorms or sudden mechanical failure. If we decide to cancel any tour for any reason and we cannot get you rescheduled, we will gladly refund your full ticket price.

They certainly do appreciate it and gratuities are a large portion of their income. Our Captains are highly qualified and have a skill set that few possess. It is up to your discretion if or how much you tip. Tips are accepted by cash/card or we can charge your card on file.

It’s Oregon! If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes. Summer temps range from 50-110+ and can include hail, thunderstorms, and rainbows. Temperatures on the river can be 10-15 degrees colder when you factor in wind chill and there are no covers on the boats. Hats, jackets, sunglasses, and sunblock are encouraged. Family friendly bathing suits are welcome. Swimming is available at Touvelle State Park next to our check in area or our little lake during 45 min layover at your own risk. Our tours can be quite wet, so a change of clothes is never a bad idea.

It’s a boat trip surrounded by water.

Depending on how hot it is, the wind levels, and your private group’s wishes, you should expect light mist to very large amounts of water at any time. If you wish to stay drier, please inform your captain while boarding-but there is absolutely NO guarantee. Plan accordingly and protect your valuables with waterproof materials. Generally, any water spray you receive will be blown dry by the time you unload. Again, no guarantee. A change of clothes is never a bad idea, especially if traveling after tour.

We allow all ages, and everyone needs a ticket. Children ages 3 and up do best on our adventures. Children 12 and under are required by law to wear a Coast Guard certified life jacket during the tour and by law they must wear the lifejackets we provide to use during tour. If you have a little baby, you are welcome to call for more info and suggestions for making your trip enjoyable. In short, you and our other guests will have more fun if you can leave the baby at home. Jet boat tours can include large amounts of water, are open to full sun and the elements, and can include sudden twists, jolts and 360 spins at any time. If you or anyone in your group is pregnant, elderly, has back or neck problems, or any other health condition that may make a trip with us a health risk- we suggest you get an OK from your doctor first before booking with us. Every person must have a completed liability waiver signed before loading boat.

At check-in the distance from the parking lot to load the boat is aprox. 200 feet on a grassy path. Loading the boat requires stepping over or sitting and swinging legs over rows of seats. Every passenger should be able to hold themselves in place while doing spins. The captain has the ultimate say in where you are seated for the safety of all onboard and safe weight distribution. Canes and folding walkers are welcome on the boat. Wheelchairs can also be stowed away by the captain but please note that terrain at both Touvelle State Park and the Discovery Park range from sand, river rock and grass. Our attentive Staff are there for you whenever you need a helping hand.

We see it all the time… teenagers arrive glued to their phones and think they won’t enjoy the trip. Our trips are perfect for teenagers, catches them off guard, and actually tricks them into unplugging from devices for a meaningful and memorable experience with the family. They especially love the spins and boat tricks, the souvenir arrowhead hunt, and the possibility of spotting the Rogue Squatch!

All jet boat tours must be reserved in advance. We often have last minute openings but remember we have limited seats and all daily tours can be sold out. It’s best to reserve your adventure as far in advance as possible.

We have many pets ourselves and understand they are treasured family members. 

Our recommended pet-sitter is: Krazy Kritter’s Dog Walking – https://www.krazykritterdogwalking.com/ – 541-678-0570. Offering Dog walking /sitting at our boat check in location, as well as partial/full day drop offs, located only 5 minutes away from our check in location!  

There is also a dog run at the State Park where you will be parking with some shade, but  you can not leave them unattended  There is some shaded parking at the State Park but it is not recommended you leave your pet in the car as temps in shade can reach 110+ here in Southern Oregon.

Yes lots, with turn around areas! Our check in location is inside a State Park and minutes from either exit 33 or 35 off the I-5 Freeway. $5 Parking Pass required.

Yes there are! They are available to use at check in and halfway through the tour at our private river Discovery park. Once on the tour the longest time between bathroom breaks is 1 hr. 15 min.

We recommend you take your valuables with you in a waterproof bag or lock them in the trunk of your car. Leaving valuable items in your car at Touvelle State Park is done at your own risk.

Yes lots, with turn around areas! Our check in location is inside a State Park and minutes from either exit 33 or 35 off the I-5 Freeway. $5 Parking Pass required.

We run the little used section of the Upper Rogue just outside the Medford area between Rattlesnake Rapids (west of Eagle Point) and the former Gold Rey dam site (north of Gold Hill). Just under 30 miles roundtrip.

We focus on sharing and preserving our local Table Rock History but in a very thrilling way. Our special Table Rock area possesses gorgeous natural scenery untouched by commercialism with very few river users. We offer arguably, Oregon’s top Historical and Cultural attraction and combine that with a true jet boating experience that is unmatched. Unlike the other tour companies, it’s impossible to use large barge like boats to navigate this waterway, which in a sense, puts you in the driver seat. Our tour groups range from 5-25 people per boat for a personalized feel, while the other tour company boats seat over 60. We also allow you to bring food and drinks on the boat in small coolers.

Snack food including ice cream, drinks, wine & beer are available for sale at the Gift Shop during your layover at the Discovery Park. You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks in a small cooler to eat at our picnic tables during your layover at the Discovery Park

Although we do allow limited alcohol use for 21 yrs and older at our Discovery Park, we do expect respectful use at all times. We I.D. so bring it. Show up intoxicated by any means for your tour and you forfeit your seat with no refund. This is a family friendly attraction.  No smoking or vaping is permitted during tour or at check in at Touvelle State Park. Smoking areas are marked at the Discovery Park.

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